Hotkey Monkey is just a small set of scripts written in AutoHotkey's scripting language.

Kudos to the authors of AutoHotkey for this excellent piece of software, and for making it free and open-source.

The "Execute" script

Hotkey Monkey relies on the ability to execute AutoHotkey instructions contained in text strings. This is made possible by a function called Execute , contributed on the AutoHotkey forum by a user named Jonny .

It is included in the distribution as execute.ahk ; I just slightly modified it to handle commas in the parameters, and to allow the GoSub instruction.

I don't have much more information about Jonny, so here is a link to his original post .

Sourceforge provides hosting for Hotkey Monkey. Click the logo in the upper right-hand corner of the page to go to their website.


Apache Maven is a software project management tool, aimed primarily at Java.

There is no Java in Hotkey Monkey, but, as I had previous knowledge of Maven, it was a quick and easy way to generate a website for the project.