Hotkey Monkey is a customizable shortcut launcher for Windows, based on the popular AutoHotkey utility.

On its own, AutoHotkey can simulate keystrokes and mouse clicks, launch programs, manipulate windows... Almost anything that can be done with a mouse and a keyboard in Windows can be automated with AutoHotkey.

Hotkey Monkey is a thin GUI layer built on top of AutoHotkey. It associates AutoHotkey instructions and subroutines with shortcuts, and provides a convenient way to launch these shortcuts.


Hotkey Monkey is invoked by pressing "Windows + Down"; a prompt drops down from the top of your screen:

The prompt consists in a search field and a list of shortcuts. You may either select the desired shortcut with the arrow keys, or type the shortcut directly, or type part of the shortcut (or part of its description) to filter the list.

For instance, typing hkmk followed by the Enter key in the prompt above would select the first shortcut, which opens the project's home page in the default browser.

You can try it now by installing Hotkey Monkey; more usage instructions can be found here .


It is quite easy to define your own shortcuts. For instance, the hkmk shortcut is declared like this:

HKMK_addShortcut("hkmk                  Hotkey Monkey home page", "Run, http://hkmk.sourceforge.net/")

Of course, this is a trivial example. Thanks to AutoHotkey's powerful scripting language, there is much, much more you can do. Check out the examples .